Wednesday, 27 April 2011

You are on TV!

So do you want to be on TV too? Then throw or aim an object on someone who is already on TV. Or, fling an egg. Whatever you do, make sure that the object is harmless, disgusting and provocative at the same time. Ensure also, that the object is large enough to be caught by that ubiquitous red blinking circle that news channels use. Practice your act, such that the action is caught clear in slow motion, if not in real time.

You think this is all a joke? Well, the man who attempted to throw a slipper on 'someone who was already on TV' has his name on the photo caption of the main story in today's newspaper. He will soon tie-up with a footwear company for the brand of FLING FREE slippers. There will also be a new Facebook page and website that will promote similar throw-friendly footwear along with XL size catapults to help them along. So much for a slipper, so much for 24-hour news channels.

That, in a sane world, the day's important news, all that we need to know, can be encapsulated in two to three hours or less. Inversely, channels keep stretching a bit of material, making up for everything but the truth. That is when, even those who throw slippers make it on TV, inexplicably, as it seems....                

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