Thursday, 25 September 2008

Welcome to Sajjanpur: Forced comedy, great drama

The cast puts up an impressive performance...

Shyam Benegal has gained the reputation of being a 'serious' filmmaker, which means making films on things going around us, things we disregard because they do not affect our lives at all.

Set in a north Indian village, Welcome to Sajjanpur comes as a surprise, as it makes us laugh, sets up an array of beautifully sketched characters and tackles social issues without deviating from the story. The result is some moments of forced comedy,and what Benegal executes best- realistic drama.

Despite its minor glitches, the film has he(art), in form of the screenplay, amazing performances and a largely masterful direction.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Movie Review: Mumbai Meri Jaan: Relevant, Rich Writing and Storytelling

A very well directed movie, a damn well written one too (rare in commercial Hindi cinema) with a myraid set up of characters, Mumbai Meri Jaan is a great watch. The sheer brutishness of bomb blasts and its implications get through here; not many terrorism based movies have done that. Distractions are few, except for a brief character culminating song sequence. But that is a minor crack on a well-built road.

Go for it.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Movie watch: Rock On : worth a watch

Rock On maintains a indulgent pace in its storytelling, and the story of a rock band - usually not seen in Hindi cinema, keeps one interested.
There are engrossing moments from time to time, and the director's treatment helps us overlook the cliches.
Watch the movie, you may like it or dislike it. As the sleepwalking theory goes - Every person is different.

I have being thinking what purpose does a review serve? Afterall, every person's experience could be different, unless they pretend to like the picture to be part of the crowd? What do the (* to *****)stars that we see in newspaper reviews convey? For some other post...

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Movie watch: A Wednesday: Stretched journey to grand finale

A Wednesday does grip you in the last twenty minutes, its point of view is relevant, powerful and thought provoking, but the journey to the twist in the tale is a irritating mix of cliches, jarring background music, some unintentionally laughable dialogue (in the first half), and a crawling pace with which the characters are introduced.

The movie is watchable for Naseeruddin Shah's excellent portrayal of the main protagonist. Anupam Kher is fine, considering the emotional restraint the role required.

The solution offered in the finale is debatable, we would ask ourselves - why would we do that? Is that the solution? It is not that I left the cinema hall dissatisfied, but with thoughts of how much better the movie could have been.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Movie Review: WALL-E: The Joy of Love

Make-believe, that is what cinematic art creates, and there is nothing more magical than watching it unfold on a 70mm theater screen.

WALL-E has an improbable tale of robots with emotions, yet director Andrew Stanton expresses it in animation with great (he)art and conviction. It is better that you do not know the story, for the best movies are meant to be experienced. Go for it!