Saturday, 23 June 2012

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form fillers
summer leakage
tea break
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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ruskin Bond on Facebook Penguin India Chat (June 7, 2012)

The Penguin India Facebook page photo of Ruskin Bond that was posted today before the chat began

Hi people, Ruskin Bond has been one of my favourite writers for the simplicity and charm he brings into his short stories and novels. I finally managed to get through to him, virtually although, through a chat session arranged by Penguin India on their Facebook page today. Among the many questions that were been thrown at him, he did answer the ones I posed.

Q. Hi, Dear Mr. Bond, loved reading 'Angry River' and 'The Blue Umbrella' , please do tell us what compelled you to write something alternatively dark like 'Sussana's 7 Husbands'? 
RB: Snehith, a writer must pick up on different themes and stories.

Q. Hi, Mr. Bond just how good/bad has it been to escape marriage? 
RB: Snehith, I would not call it an escape rather it eluded me.  

Q. Do tell us how do you find the computer as a writing device as compared to putting pen on paper? Do you use any electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, etc? 
RB: Snehith, I am still in the pen and paper phase.

Q.  Mr. Bond there are reports of the revival of the charming TV series 'Ek Tha Rusty'. Do you have any update on that?
RB: Snehith, yes, it is a new Rusty series now.   

Q. Hi, Mr. Bond its a joy to have this conversation, despite the virtual platform...What is your take on food? Do you enjoy eating? 
RB: Snehith, I enjoy eating but I'm not a glutton. 


The one and half hour chat session ended with Bond conveying his thanks and that the session had 'certainly given me a good appetite for lunch'. 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Village Clicks Flashback: Various

Its been a while now since I last visited the village. Grandmother is not as agile now and she lives in the city but longs to be back there. We should be catching a train to there soon. We have heard, the new highway is coming up and eating up trees and earth. Things are not so quiet now. Here are some pictures from the last visit to the village. Hope to find it as anonymous as we left it. Hoping against hope, perhaps.

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