Monday, 10 May 2021

Thank You, Dear Blog Readers

Lockdown clicks 

Dear readers, I have been blogging for over 14 years now and as Google Analytics show, have been read in over 100 countries over this decade and half. 

In order for us to keep you entertained on a more regular and consistent basis, this is us asking for your teeny weeny bit of support. 

Here is the LINK through which you can donate and support my creative pursuits. Every little contribution will help.

Gulmohars, April 2021

Starting June 1, 2021, am planning to delve more into photography and post them here, watch movies more prolifically and create blog posts on Movie Marathon and Movie Reviews, Mini.  

My book review blog The Wolf and Mermaid Book Express will continue to flourish with more insights and in celebrating the joy of reading. 

My love for what is called internationally as a spagetti western has translated into Sholayism, on the Ramesh Sippy adventure drama Sholay. 

An upcoming travel blog is also in its extensive planning stages. 

Thank you for the love, attention and readership over the years, this blogging journey began tentatively in December 2006, and now has blossomed into a lovely, eventful journey. 

Even during the darkest days, writing for my blogs has kept the spark alive, it is here that I have written from my heart, telling as I truly feel, helping keep my passion for independent, free writing more than alive and kicking. 

Thank you again dear readers, you been here has made this worthwhile. have also made some great friends and happenned to visit new cities because of my blog posts. So in this age of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, I remember all those times with gratitude. 

Take care all of you, and lots of love.  

- Snehith Kumbla