Thursday, 28 April 2011

See! I am so happy!

A very Facebook infliction, this is mainly an attempt to impress upon our friends in the online world that - I am having the time of my lifetime! Simple, straight truth and self reflection has no place here, this is a world of brand new disguises for a brand new day.

So the first impression is the continuous replacement of profile pictures showcasing us in various stages of delirious joy. Then there are the enlightened comments on the secrets of happiness, that are usually responded to by our more wise counterparts, either in agreement or mockery. Too much of anything, they say; from alcohol to sex to work is injurious, and this exercise in narcissism has similar effects.

The YOU world
You seem to be the centre of everything, every word and every action of the world around you. Any passing comment seems to be passed on you. A joke at some distant office corner, seems to be directed at you. You become the observed, and soon your actions attain, involuntarily, modes to please the outside world. Laughter that you are not a part of irks you somehow, such that you end up making up your own fiction. You. You. You.

Posting on your Facebook wall again and again, "I will not use Facebook for stupid things again."

Seclusion, a quiet corner for yourself in the morning dipped in exercise is good cure. We mean self-development and nurturing time for blooming creativity. The more one finds time for things one is not paid to do and yet enjoys, without a care for what the world thinks about the same, the more the feeling that, somewhere, a flower blooms...   

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