Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Movie Review: PAA: Amitabh ki jai ho!

In his second film as director, R Balki shows his knack for comic lines and situations and again, as in his directorial debut Cheeni Kum, a weakness for the emotionally-heavy moments. 

Paa meanders through its story of a child suffering from a fatal disease - Progeria, and the bringing together of his parents - the father depicted sketchily and unconvincingly as a young upright politician, and the mother - a gynecologist.

In all its roughness and rawness, Paa's strength is Amitabh Bachchan - in a daring role of a 13 year-old child, complete with a squeaky voice, effective make up, and ready wit, Bachchan probably delivers  the best performance in his career and is the reason you should catch the film in a theatre near you. Art is ageless, they say...

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