Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Movie Review: AVATAR 3D: Quality, if not classic cinema

Once the 3-D novelty wears off and the seen-it-all special effects, Avatar is an action adventure that doesn't disappoint you. It does awe you at times, the Peter Jackson shadow of what he started in that landmark trilogy The Lord of the Rings and repeated in some sequences of King Kong is omnipresent.

James Cameron's AVATAR stars Sam Worthington as an handicapped ex-marine who is called in by the US army to remotely control a cloned body of a Na'vi - an indigenous tribe that resides in Pandora forest. Greed is at play here, the paraplegic must intrude the tribe, know its secrets and help evacuate the tribe so that Pandora's rich resources are exploited. The Avatar has other ideas though.

For its action sequences, the detailing of Pandora and its creatures and the magnificent execution, Avatar is certainly a watch. Do not expect a Titanic though - somewhere in all that glitz, a little heart is missing.
Still, there is no denying that in 3-D, Avatar is an unmissable cinematic experience.

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