Friday, 2 October 2009

Movie Review: What's Your Rashee?: Stretched with loose ends..

There is no denying that Ashutosh Gowariker's foray into the comedy genre does raise the laughs at times. What doesn't go well is the storyline devised to create the comedy and the three-hour plus running time.

All is well when NRI Yogesh Patel is emotionally blackmailed by his parents to marry within a fortnight in order to repay his brother's debts. Left with no choice, he decides to meet a girl from each rashee (sun sign) and then decide. Priyanka Chopra playing all the 12 girls could have been an absolute joy if only the screenplay would have been more inventive at setting up each girl-boy meeting. What we get is a mixture of brilliance, sharp characterisation to superficial, repeated scenes. It is all 'what could have been', for Priyanka is captivating in parts and Hurman, otherwise bound in a limited role, strikes a fine chemistry with her. Darshan Jariwala and Anjan Srivastav lead the impressive cast of supporting actors. What's Your Rashee? is still worth a watch for the moments of magic that this marathon movie sparkles with, if occasionally...

The music
No comparisons to AR Rahman please! Sohail Sen's music is pleasant and quite an effort considering there were 13 songs to be composed. The background score is OK, for a debutant. Sen certainly deserves another opportunity.

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  1. My favourite Miss world in india is ?

    A) Aishwarya Rai

    B) Diana Hayden

    C) Yukta Mookhey

    D) Priyanka Chopra