Monday, 26 October 2009

Movie Review: ALL THE BEST: Mix of charming and degrading comedy

Director Rohit Shetty arguably gave a new genre of Hindi film comedy to the screen especially with Golmaal (2006) and its sequel Golmaal Returns (2008). His latest release All the Best is loaded with the same template. The thin storyline and characters exist for the resultant comedy, so it is like every scene playing out like a series of skits, ranging from clever lines and expressions to cheap 'do anything for the laughs' kind of thing. Then there is also the celebration of the 'invincible hero' beating up villains, alas, without any comic inventiveness. The female leads have little to do, it is the Ajay Devgn and Sanjay Dutt banter that keeps us entertained, Fardeen gets to do his bit too. Pritam's music is good decoration.

Bearable popcorn entertainment, you could munch the whole packet empty without realising there is none left. Why? Because you have tasted it before. All the Best is that kind of comedy, you will not mind sitting through it.

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