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A still from the 1983 performance at Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever
Billy Jean is one of the most intricate songs that Michael Jackson ever sung. A glance at the lyrics will tell you how out of sync the lines read, like broken words, not flowing as song lyrics usually flow. Yet it is in the rendition that Jackson creates magic.
What is the song about?
As legend goes, the song is said to be inspired by an insane female fan claiming that Jackson is the father to her unborn son. The producer Quincy Jones took some convincing for the song to be included into the record-breaking, bestselling album - Thriller (1982). Here is an attempt to translate some parts of the song lyrics to Hindi (English script), for the absurd effect it creates ........

Billy Jean meri premika nahi hai
Woh bas ek ladki hai jo kahti hai main 'woh' hu
Par woh baccha mera beta nahi hai
Woh kehti hai main 'woh' hu,
par woh baccha mera beta nahi hai....
At the 1983 US television special - Motown 25: Yesterday, Today and Forever, Jackson gave a breathtaking performance of the same song, the first glimpse of the moonwalk apart from the enthralling dance steps that were to make him legendary. The youtube link to the performance is

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