Monday, 14 September 2009

Movie Review: DISTRICT 9: Edgy action drama

An alien gets eviction orders at the refugee camp
At the cinema hall, what finally matters is the experience. It goes beyond getting the ticket's worth, or killing time. 

The story
District 9 is the name of the refugee camp in Johannesburg, South Africa for more than 1 million prawn like aliens who were shifted there after their mother ship was found lost, hovering over the city twenty years ago. Now, a weapons manufacturing company, MNU, that shifted them in search of alien weaponry, plan to shift them to a new location away from the city due to the nuisance that wandering aliens have caused among the human population. What unfolds when MNU eviction representatives are send to the impoverished camp makes up the rest of the story.

What works
The 'real' documentary adds 'authenticity' to the lie that fiction is. The characters, their vulnerability, and the breaking away from the formula, all work in the film's favour.

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