Saturday, 11 July 2009

Movie Review: New York:Emotionally wayward, but bearable

After 9/11, the USA government went paranoid, arresting and then torturing people just because they belonged to a particular religion. Most of them were released due to lack of evidence, some, after been detained for over three years. What would be going through the minds of such people? Would such brutal treatment cause them to be terrorists, seeking revenge?

New York
tries answering these questions through its main protagonists - Sameer (John Abraham) and Maya (Katrina Kaif) as a happily married couple, Omar (Niel Nitin Mukesh), an old friend who is forced to spy on them for FBI agent Roshan (Irrfan Khan). Despite been overtly emotional at certain instances, the movie just about gets its message across, even though it may not sound convincing.

A good watch for, let us say, honest performances by Abraham and Kaif and a surprisingly 'OK' turn by Irrfan Khan, New York still holds your attention. Niel Nitin Mukesh gets a golden opportunity in a pivotal role, but just about registers. Only if it could have taken us deeper into the whole thing of victimization in the name of security. 

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