Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Movie Review: Bolt: Dog, Cat, Hamster and Life Lessons

Minutes into the movie, the uninitiated will see it as another superhero, er...superdog stuff, but it isn't.

Bolt is the star of a action TV series, great pains are taken by the show producers to believe that all that is happening around him is real, even his non-existent super powers. It is when the TV producers decide that Penny - Bolt's cute owner has to be kidnapped by the 'green-eyed man' that things go wrong - Bolt escapes the studio in search of her.

Along with alley cat Mittens and his 'No.1 TV fan' - Rhino the Hamster, Bolt discovers the truth and what's more to be a dog. A marvel in animation, sparkling with funny one-liners and some hard truths, Bolt is an unmissable experience for movie-buffs.

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