Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Movie Review : Persepolis : Poignant and Endearing

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis, a graphic memoir about her childhood, teenage years and adult life is so beautiful and inventive in its black and white illustrations and content, a movie was always on the cards. 

Co-directed by Vincent Paronnaud and Satrapi herself, Persepolis is as inventive as the book and condensed with great skill into 95 minutes. The movie has innocence, humour, heartbreak, despair, hope, war and through it all the story of how a woman finally finds her individuality. 

The movie is a rare gem, though most of the animation is in black and white, you never miss the absence of colour, such is the brilliance of its storytelling. 

For Book Readers 
Much of the graphic memoir content has been trimmed in the movie, so if you want the whole canvas, the book is a great buy. Read the book review HERE.    

Rebellious, curious and full of life, young Marji finds an attentive audience in her grandma.

Marji uses her wits to escape the fundamentalists

Away from home, Marji's dream world is soon to be shattered

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