Monday, 5 January 2009

Movie Review: Ghajini: A great idea wasted in formula

So what should a good movie be like?

For me, it is how well the director is able to communicate to the audience with sincerity and creative liberty, the story and the screenplay. Communicate, by cutting down on elements that are part of the film just because they have 'gone well with the audience' in the past. 
OK, don't yawn...

Ghajini (remake or not) has a great cinematic idea - a man with short-term memory (15 min, to be precise) searching for the killers of his lover. Its execution? A mix of refreshing comic and romantic scenes, repulsive presentation of violence, indulgence in the illogical - the hero beating numerous goons ( the villains never carry guns) in stylised fight sequences, a needlessly loud background score ( where silence would have worked better), and a couple of pleasing songs by A R Rahman

Aamir and Asin act their parts with conviction, so if you are strictly admirers of great acting, go for it, otherwise Ghajini is a mindless entertainer. Maybe you can watch the first half for the endearing chemistry between the lead pair and hear the rest of the tale from a friend...

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  1. The funny thing is that name of the film is on villian's name. "GHAJINI"