Monday, 13 October 2008

Movie Review: Kidnap: Trashy, fleshy indulgence

Stylish kidnapper kidnaps billionaire's bikini daughter and the rest as they say, is misery...

Sanjay Gadhvi's two Dhoom movies were empty, dreadful and stylish, but more importantly for the director- successful. So he is here with Kidnap, another mindless crap with some sane touch in the end.

Imran Khan is adequate as the stylish, unreal vengeful kidnapper, Minissha Lamba is wasted in a forced body show - too much cleavage and navel and shoulder and hips and bust...voyeurists may indulge their senses here...Sanjay Dutt does well, as a tired, arrogant father, Vidya Malvade is decent.

Imran Khan took an untrodden path with this role - a contrast from his cute good boy image of his first movie, but the director lets him down. Let your brain rest while you take in this flesh filled trash.

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