Monday, 13 October 2008

Movie watch: 1920: cheap thrills

The lead couple, played by Adah Sharma and Rajesh Duggal, pose for a 'before the ghost came' family picture

Vikram Bhatt gets the location right (gloomy Yorkshire, England), the make up guy creates some scary scars on the hapless heroine, but the rest of the film staggers through rip-off's from hollywood horror flicks.

The trademark Vikram is there - dracula kisses ( man nibbling at woman's neck and nibbling and nibbling...), over the top acting and a dramatic 'believe it or not'climax. Don't expect to be scared and you will neither be disappointed nor satisfied - some place in between...

Last word: Shuba Mudgal's lively renderation of Bichua is great art at work...

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