Wednesday, 14 November 2007


I am only more and more convinced of television killing us quietly.
Every time I press the remote control and vile away hours switching channels, the feeling of being a slave is more evident.

Here is a petition that is available on the net:
To: The government of the world

TV is corrupting the minds of our world. Without TV, there would be so many less deaths in the world, and everyone would be more peaceful. TV is responsible for so many deaths around the world, and, a rare fact that not many people know, World War II was actually started because of TV. And the more recent war on Iraq! TV is evil, surely. TV will one day take over the world, and we will be mindless sheep who don't even notice so! This day will come, it is prophesised. Also, I don't have cable. And that sucks. So please, help me with my goal to BAN TV WORLDWIDE ONCE AND FOR ALL!

The Undersigned


Thing is, it is easier to sign a petition than to give up television.
My only reason, it kills our minds, our time, kills us alive, if not make wars or cause death...

My time starts now.
My subsequent posts will document my adventures in fighting this invisible devil.

Will I be able to resist the temptation to give up my source of voyeurism and obscenity?

What changes shall I see, for worse or for better?

Let's see...

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