Friday, 16 November 2007

Escaping TV: Go to the cinema: Om Shanti Om: disappointing

Yeah, I ended up watching the Hindi Diwali film release Om Shanti Om on Friday afternoon.
Yeah, the same Shah Rukh Khan one. Like formulaic Hindi movies go, it was a cold evening when the show got over.
Farah Khan has great ideas in setting up comedy, the celebration of Hindi cinema, this can be seen in the Filmfare awards scene - the only light moment of the second half.
The first half lights up with the fervour of the 70's cinema. But whenever Farah goes for drama and more drama, the goings are torturous to say the least.
The fault, if one say so in the satirical script that follows Subash Ghai's 1977 reincarnation hit Karz, and takes itself too seriously.
That is it for short, a great idea as Farah's first film, but the mix of drama, spoof and comedy doesn't flow convincingly.

Too much has been made by Manoj Kumar of the supposed ridicule and insult made of him in the film. The scene is funny, celebrating the actor's style rather than mocking him. Placing the story on the Times of India front page seems more like a advertisement than anything.

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