Saturday, 17 August 2013

Published Poetry: Fragrance by Snehith Kumbla

This is how I see it. Poetry is a bird song, uttered so, for it spouts from the heart, and is similarly written down. Having a writing device on the ready is a handy habit, for words may rush in anytime. A common feature of a poem is its flow and spontaneity.

The first draft is usually the crux of it. Polish, in the form of attention to meter, rhyme, paragraphing, punctuation, grammar, spelling and an appropriate title usually follow in subsequent drafts. While I mentioned grammar in the last sentence, a poem can have its own language. Unlike prose, a poem may not be bound to any structure.
There is no end to the themes that poets have chose to write on over the centuries. Now, if we were to encapsulate all the poems ever written into two sections, what would they be? Here we trail Urdu poetry and its branching out into two - there is the ghazal where poets tend to self-reflect and look inwardly. Then there is the nazm where observation of the outwardly world is the central theme. This division can be applied to poems in general, if only for the purpose of differentiation and documentation.

Enough talk. To conclude, here is the poem that was first published in the September-October 2011 issue of Reading Hour Magazine with the title ‘Pang’. It is presented here with edits:

by Snehith Kumbla

the music of a drizzle,
wet smell of earth

a sun scattered face,
some winter morning

the moonlight walks
with me, at dusk

sleep glows in
a deep cave

I dwell on you...



  1. it's a fantastic youuu get so inspired...

  2. Thanks anonymous, I did like writing this one down,as for inspiration, I would have to know you to tell you...

    1. well I to have to knew you but still write this comment for yor reponse......

  3. Apologies,thanks for reading and disregard all that was said previously