Friday, 2 March 2012

Carbon Footprint & Technology

I would like to start by extolling the virtues of the software that goes by the name of WordWeb. How, with instant promptness, the synonyms of any particular word shows up. Why, I do not have to paste the text into an particular box. Just the action of copying the text, ensures that the word appears in its assigned box with the synonyms and web references, all ready. In fact, WordWeb had achieved the impossible, replaced my tangible, bulky Oxford 'pocket' dictionary (To fit a very big pocket).

So, yesterday was another day before the computer, all was well, when a message popped up over the WordWeb box, stating: How many times have you flew this year so far?

Below this message were two options:
  • Not more than two times
  • Three times and more  
Truthfully, as my present employer had send us to Jaipur for the literature festival, I chose the second message and clicked the OK button. Instantly, came up the following message, and my vocabulary crutches came crashing down. For the message said:
The WordWeb software services on this computer has been discontinued for you have been flying far beyond the average carbon footprint a person can use....

Thus ended another virtual friendship. So much for technology...   

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