Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Girls from Finland

A friend's friends are presently visiting India, happened to meet them on Saturday evening, while they were doing their Pune leg, with the friend guiding them. Here is a summary of the information extracted from these two nurses-to-be.

Anna and Johanna, close friends and roommates at Helsinki, wanted to take a break after completing their nurse course.
So one fine day, Johanna asked Anna,"Would you like to go to India?"
Anna said,"OK."
That was it. The Euro's value against the Indian rupee ensured that expense was not a major issue for a short sojourn.

So, laying down the plans about five months in advance, the duo alighted in Delhi, got hassled by saree shop-owners, prospective guides and numerous street vendors. Their stay at India's capital was thus, anything but fun.

Their next destination was Mumbai, and from there on, guided by the friend, they tried various Indian food items, visited beaches, traveled in local trains, sung, loved the architecture and vibes of South Mumbai, and after three days, unwillingly left the city to arrive in Pune.

Finland has temperatures between 21 to 25 degree Celsius in summer, in winter it can go down to -20 degree Celsius. It is something the denizens of Finland are used to, that they go skiing and indulge in other winter sports during this time.   

The girls were very keen on what they were eating, sometimes, extracting from a paratha, strands of coriander stem and enquiringly about the same. They also had intent eyes on how we were going about it, one particular moment when we were gobbling Anise Seed (saunf) by handfuls had them look at us with asking eyes.

Then there were the jokes that you have to crack with care and caution, now what do you make them laugh at? It is usually with the aid of elements that are at hand, and you hope they are laughing more out of instinct than politeness. And that was that.   

(This will seem to be a withheld, inconsistent information piece, for the purpose is such, the rest of the details go into a dairy.)

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