Monday, 12 December 2011

Our Haiku in the Dec 2011 World Haiku Review

The haiku tribe of the World Haiku Review, also the part of the World Haiku Club have accepted couple of our stuff in the December 2011 issue.

Published online on a quarterly basis, the review has again some spellbinding stuff from the makers of haiku from all over the world.

Here is the link to the main page of the December 2011 issue: World Haiku Review December2011

Here is the link to the page containing my haiku for December 2011: Page 1 of December 2011 issue 

It was after a very inspiring Haiku workshop held in November 2010 in Pune, that first got me in to this form of poetry. Our first haiku appeared in WHR in the January 2011 edition:
WHR Jan 2011 (page 1)
WHR Jan 2011 (page 2)
WHR Jan 2011 (page 3)

This was followed by couple of them in WHR August 2011 and a solitary one in The Heron's Nest:
Heron's Nest June 2011
WHR Aug 2011 (page 1)
WHR Aug 2011 (page 2)

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