Tuesday, 20 September 2011

IT Bombshell Exaggerated

the moon has burned through the
all the zombies have collected
at the right wing,
for there comes the famed of all
the thunder thighs,
a cell phone always to her ear
we suspect she has had a dreaded

yesterday, ninety freaks were refused
her facebook friendship,
two had fainted when she had looked
away from her book,
even as the company's secret report
the zero attrition to her herbal lipstick,
her looks

binoculars have been seized, spy cameras
the security TV employees are regularly
a thousand projects have set sail, for her
from Europe, USA,
and many marriages and careers destroyed, at
her one finger sway

now that finance minister has declared her
and provided her with female security, all
her resignation letter itself, is ample for
a recession,
now you know why the markets melted, the rupee
attracted derision

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