Sunday, 27 February 2011

World Haiku Review: My First Haiku Publication (January 2011)

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my surprise and joy, when by accident, happened to see my December submissions on the World Haiku Review website (January 2011 issue). Out of the four of them selected,have got two honourable mentions, a Second place and a Third Place in respective categories.

For starters, Haiku is an ancient form of Japanese form of poetry. It consists of three lines, preferably with syllables in the order of 5-7-5...

The links are provided below...

Link 1
Neo-Classical Haiku (Among Seven Honourable Mentions)
Zatsuei, or Haiku of Merit (Selection)

Link 2
Shintai Haiku Selections (Second Place)

Link 3
Vanguard Haiku (Third Place)

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