Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hamara Haiku Festival: Bhamburda Forest Clicks (Haiga)

bark stretches  
claws at green 
the tree

dry stream
the path
curves, falls   

downhill dog
can't apply
the brakes

HAIGA according to WIKIPEDIA

Haiga  is a style of Japanese painting based on the aesthetics of haikai, from which haiku poetry derives, which often accompanied such poems in a single piece. Like the poetic forms it accompanied, haiga was based on simple, yet often profound, observations of the everyday world. Stephen Addiss points out that "since they are both created with the same brush and ink, adding an image to a haiku poem was... a natural activity."

Just as haiku often internally juxtapose two images, haiga may also contain a juxtaposition between the haiku itself and the art work. The art work does not necessarily directly represent the images presented in the haiku.

Though traditional-style haiga are still produced today, contemporary artists experiment with the form, coupling haiku with digital imagery, photography, and other media.


  1. Lovely! A haiku for each would make for great haiga!

  2. ah,sometimes words are too feeble, but I can sure try...