Friday, 19 February 2010

Movie Review: My Name is Khan: Getting the message across

My Name is Khan is significant because of the message it effectively gets across that individuals need to judged by their actions, and not prejudiced because they happen to belong to a particular religion. There are not many over-the-top moments in Karan Johar's direction this time - nobody cries, screams or breaks into a dance, unless the situation demands it. The two and half hour plus length of the film is a mitigating factor, as the intensity drops to fill in for the 'feel-good' moments. But we are not complaining. For its relevance, performances and its entertainment, My Name is Khan is certainly worth a watch.

Shankar Ehsan Loy's music compliments the frames in parts though - Sajda and Noor-e-khuda spark some magic.

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