Saturday, 30 January 2010

Movie Review: ISHQIYA: Two crooks, one love and adventure...

Nothing is as it seems somewhere in rural North India as two thieves (uncle-nephew) on the run from their former boss (also the brother-in-law of the uncle) seek refuge at the village of a former jail mate. To make matters worse, not only is the man dead, his voluptuous widow attracts both men into her own designs. The older man is smitten enough to dye his hair and beard with eyeliner, while the nephew is determined to bed the woman. Meanwhile there are rumblings of murky gun dealings in the nearby villages....

Told with comic exuberance, smothering village dialect and shimmering with delight and mystery of its three main protagonists, Ishqiya takes you on an enjoyable adventure of flesh, greed and power and pleasantly surprises you with a mild twist as it wraps up. Though loopholes exist, they are not enough to tarnish a wonderful film, if not for a family audience, but certainly for lovers of gritty, crooked and humourous cinema. Go for it.

Shining bright
Arshad Warsi delivers a dazzling performance just when we thought we had lost the actor in him, Naseeruddin Shah lets go as the charming, ageing lovelorn thief and Vidya Balan is a revelation in her role as the quiet scheming widow. The Vishal Bharadwaj-Gulzar team up again to create songs that add much needed colour and softness to the movie.

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