Saturday, 7 March 2009

Movie Review: Valkyrie, Delhi-6 and Milk

A riveting drama based on a true story of the final known assassination attempt to kill Adolf Hitler, the film unfolds in breathtaking suspense, a kind of atmosphere Director Bryan Singer created so memorably in The Usual Suspects. The end result may not be a classic, but it still works. Worth a watch.

Killed by a shallow and contrived script that irritates whenever the 'Monkey Man' comes into picture, Delhi-6 gets too engrossed in its metaphors and symbolic gestures. The performances by the cast are splendid though, great songs by AR Rahman and Rakyesh Mehra does create some engaging scenes, but in totality the movie doesn't connect.

A man sits alone by a table in a dark room, presses the record button of his tape and starts to speak,"This tape has to be played on the account of my death, either by assassination or otherwise." Thus begins Gus Van Saint's Milk, an engrossing take on the last eight years in the life of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person in the US to be elected to an official government post.Go for it.

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