Monday, 9 February 2009

Movie Review: Dev D: Clever, Entertaining and Shockingly Fresh

Dev is a spoilt Punjabi brat, egoistic, sex-crazy, and full of self pity.

Paro is no angel either - along with a wild maniac anger, she is full of lust for the London returned Dev. At the same time, she can 'move on' to marry the brother of Dev's seducer. She does have a heart though.

Chanda has to fight alienation and death after a school MMS scandal and walks right into Chunni, the brothel owner, who makes a college-going studious whore out of her...

The delicious shock one gets from this interpretation of Devdas is refreshing. The intensity drops a bit before the end credits roll, which is a minor tickle for Dev D is an exciting cinematic adventure. It is a risk that works most of the time.

As Dev, Abhay Deol fits in to Anurag Kashyap's drugs, alcohol and flesh canvas. This is his best performance yet, wouldn't call him brilliant yet. This much we can say: Deol and the director walk a brave cinematic road in their choice of films.

Looking forward to your next plunge off the cliff, Abhay and Anurag. Applause for Amit Trivedi's astounding music, the veins of the movie.

All flows fine when…
The perverted Patna Presley's perform Emosonal Attyachar at Paro's wedding, as Dev downs bottle after bottle....

Self-destruction: Abhay Deol is Dev

If looks could kill...Mahie Gill is Paro

Kalki Koechlin is Chanda

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