Saturday, 6 December 2008

Movie Review: Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye: Enthralling cinema

Don't go by the HIT or FLOP label, Oye Lucky... tells the unlikely tale of a thief with wit, humour and drama without going overboard for a moment. Filled with some great cinematic moments, the director is probably let down by the cast - not that Abhay Deol lacks the effort, just that lingering feeling that somebody else could have been cast. Paresh Rawal enacts his three different roles adequately.

Questions about morality and the role of media in 'sensationalising' is presented as part of the story, that is how tight the director holds on to his storytelling skills.Go for it, for it is not always that the hero of a Hindi film are the enfolding scenes themselves! The general public is cruel to original (he)art, so catch it at the theaters as soon as possible..

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