Monday, 10 November 2008

Movie Review: EMI: Liya hai to chukana padega: A 'Munnabhai' with less heart and dextirity

Too much of a Munnabhai hangover
It is not that EMI is a very bad film. The main storyline about the alarming trend of taking home loans and credit cards is promising. But the execution has too many shades of the Munnabhai franchise without the heart.

Sanjay Dutt plays Sattar, a Munnabhai like character, and his dialogues with his gang of recovery agents ( the good parts ) is similar to the two landmark Rajkumar Hirani flicks.

Unnecessary songs, some bad dialogues, too many characters, and a devious ending - a not so subtle promotion of Sanjay Dutt's political ambitions- it all makes for bearable viewing.

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