Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Movie Review:The Dark Knight: Dark, Darker, Darkest

Dark, disturbing and eerie, The Dark Knight is an experience in fear, tense clever action, and scary drama. The makers pull it off by taking the risk - no sweet 'lived happily ever after' stuff. Instead we have a ghastly, haunting Joker - the late Heath Ledger is not playing any character, he is THE JOKER. Christian Bale is restrained and determined as Batman.

Director Christopher Nolan leads us through chaotic scenes,especially in the second half, as violence follows more violence. But there is an adroit screenplay holding the madness together. It is certainly not as the Joker declares, " I just do things." The Dark Knight has some brilliant cinematic parts, rarely seen in a superhero movie.This makes it inevitable repeat watch contender, especially on the big screen. 

Awe Scenes 
A truck tumbling over, and a dark cape trailing poetically as a vigilante rides his vehicle into elusiveness.   

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