Thursday, 26 June 2008

Nilkanteshwar Photo Gallery: We begin with a bang

A small hole caused by a sharp object.

Yes sir, I know you know what a puncture is, but there must be somebody, somebody who is reading it for the first time. This is assuming that someone does read this blog, apart from myself.

Anyway, when I got down at the pre-decided bridge from a six seater auto, also called 'tum-tum', at half past seven on Monday morning, Raincloud called to say that the rear wheel of his motorbike had developed a puncture overnight. So, about ten minutes later, we were at this puncture repair shop.

As in a news report mode: Raincloud stated, " It's better to have a puncture now, rather than during the journey, where there wouldn't be anybody to repair it."

Scroll down to see the 'puncture man' in action...

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