Monday, 27 August 2007

Movie Review: the creative genius and simplicity of Ratatouille

Director: Brad Bird

Remy advicing his brother Emile on the joy of tasting food

Brad Bird and Pixar animation have more than a knack for animation. Bird showed us in The Iron Gaint (1999) and the delightful The Incredibles (2004).
Here he picks up a seemingly strage story of a rat named Remy who has a sensitive nose for food and its ingredients and loves to cook. During a sneak meal, Remy gets separated from his family and ends up in a restuarant of the late chef Gusteau, whose book Remy had been reading from a sleepy old lady's home. Gusteau had a motto-anyone can cook.

From left, Skinner- the main chef at Gusteau's, Linguini- the garbage boy turned chef, who is helped by Remy, and Colette- the only woman cook at Gusteau's.

Remy and Linguini meet each other for the first time

How the rest of the story unfolds is creatively beautiful and hilarious. An unbelieavable plot line is made credible and beautiful by animation. The characters are brought to life with amazing clarity, we believe in them instantly.
It may also change the way you eat food. Do not gobble the edible things on your plate. Close your eyes, take a small bite and experience the taste.
Do not miss the Pixar short film- Lifted, that plays before the movie, a humourous take on aliens capturing humans. Watch it in theaters, for the most wonderful two hours of imagination and hmm..taste!

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