Friday, 19 January 2007

Iconic Comics:Tintin by Herge

The classic comic book series

Tintin - The boy detective. Sensible, calm and very lucky to survive through all his adventures.

Snowy - Tintin's inseparable companion. He frequently "speaks" to the reader through his sarcastic thoughts on the situation at hand, thoughts which are supposedly not heard by other characters in the story.

Captain Haddock - Full of liquor and the widest variety of abuses.


Thompson and Thompson- They are not brothers. The difference can be seen in their moustaches. Detectives always getting into dialogues like ,"I presume."

Professor Cuthbert Calculus - An explosive goes off and the professor remarks," Did somebody knock?"

Bianca Castafiore - An opera singer whom Haddock despises. She seems to there wherever Tintin and company go, along with her maid, Irma, and pianist, Igor Wagner.

Herge died in 1983 after creating 21 beautifully illustrated and wittily written Tintin comic books. After a long gap of time, other artists brought out a Tintin comic book, showing a grown up Tintin, falsely implicated of a murder.

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